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Development of a workflow system for the CARMEN Neuroscience Portal
Colin Ingram (Newcastle university), Mark Jessop (University of York), Michael Weeks (University of York ), Jim Austin (University of York), Martyn Fletcher ...
A Simple Tool for Neuroimaging Data Sharing
Christian Haselgrove (University of Massachusetts Medical School)
A Structure-Centered Portal for Child Psychiatry
Pallavi Rane (University of Massachusetts Medical School), Christian Haselgrove (University of Massachusetts Medical School), David Kennedy (University of ...
Neuroimaging Data Access and Query through a Common Application Programming Interface
B. Nolan Nichols (Integrated Brain Imaging Center, University of Washington, Seattle, WA), Christian Haselgrove (University of Massachusetts Medical School, ...
The Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF): A Unified Semantic Framework and Associated Tools for Discovery, Integration, and Utilization of Biomedical Data and Resources on the Web
Jeffrey Grethe (University of California, San Diego), Anita Bandrowski (University of California, San Diego), Jonathan Cachat (University of California, San ...
The XNAT imaging informatics platform: Recent advances
Daniel Marcus (Washington University), Rick Herrick (Washington University), Timothy Olsen (Washington University), Aditya Siram (Washington University), ...
Using the NIFSTD Ontology to Improve PubMed Search Results
Hitesh Sabnani (University of California San Diego), Anita Bandrowski (University of California San Diego), Amarnath Gupta (University of California San Diego)
BrainLiner: A Platform for Sharing and Searching Time-aligned Neural and Behavioral Data
Makoto Takemiya (Department of Neuroinformatics, ATR), Yukiyasu Kamitani (Department of Neuroinformatics, ATR)
Improvement of Simulation Platform for providing reliable and easy use model simulation environment
Hidetoshi Ikeno (University of Hyogo), Tadashi Yamazaki (University of Electro-Communications), Yoshihiro Okumura (RIKEN Brain Science Institute), Shunji ...
Interactive brain map in the Invertebrate Brain Platform (IVB-PF)
Akira Takashima (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo), Tomoki Kazawa (Research Center for Advanced Science and ...
Automatic spike sorting evaluation: A website based community approach
Felix Franke (ETH Zürich, Bio Engineering Laboratory (BEL)), Philipp Meier (School for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Berlin Institute of ...
Semantic Framework in EEG/ERP Portal
Petr Ježek (University of West Bohemia), Roman Mouček (University of West Bohemia)