Johannes Hjort

Johannes Hjort
Cambridge University
United Kingdom

Speaker of Workshop 4b

Will talk about: Theoretical advances in understanding retinotopic map development

Bio sketch:

Johannes Hjort received his PhD in Computer Science from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 2009. There he worked in the lab of Prof. Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski and modelled neural interactions in the striatum with a focus on the role of gap junctions. For the next two years, he worked as a post doc with Dr. Arjen van Ooyen and Dr. Jaap van Pelt at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam where he worked on a resource based model of neuronal growth, studying competition between neurites. During this time, he also developed SynD a tool to analyse synapses in immunofluorescent images and EvA, a program to analyse calcium imaging movies. In 2011, he moved to the University of Cambridge to work with Dr. Stephen Eglen. His current interests centre around understanding the mechanisms behind how the brain self organises during neurodevelopment, using the retinotopic map formation as a model system.